Introducing the FX250 by Discovery Robotics 


Commercial floor cleaning has never been faster! The FX250 has heavy duty components and a lithium ion battery system that doesn’t stop until the job is done. While our robot handles the floors, the rest of your cleaning staff can be deployed to high-touch work so the entire team cuts down on the time on the job.


We’ve built our commercial floor cleaning robot with people in mind.  The FX250 works to keep employees safe by shouldering repetitive floor cleaning work that is known to cause injuries. When on the job, the FX250 knows not to bump into people, and cutting-edge vision and sonar tools help to keep it that way.


Our patent-protected navigational system means the FX250 always follows an optimal cleaning path. This means that all cleaning supplies are used efficiently. The FX250 can also work at night without the need for lights, saving on electricity. 


As commercial cleaners ourselves, we know that margins are tight, and capital expenditures need to deliver ROI.  The FX250 is priced so that it delivers overall cost savings to our customers beginning after the first year of work.

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