The new TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 represents the evolution in scrubber driers.

Key Features

  • The new TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 is a combination of Intelligent solutions and the latest technologies available on the cleaning market.  The robotic scrubber drier contains all the Intelli-features that TASKI traditional range offers, while the robot is equipped with the latest telemetry system on-board to ensure the software communicates continuously with the various sonars, laser and other sensors. This helps the robotic scrubber drier to navigate safely within facilities. The robotic mode allows operational cost savings up to 70% helps to have continuous site activity and ensures the same quality of cleaning day after day.

Advanced design

  • Performance has only real value when safety is not compromised. TASKI SWINGBOT 2000 is the state of the art machine designed to reach a high level of productivity in autonomous mode while having zero compromise on safety. Various safety features are installed (Hardware and/or software) to ensure that the  cleaning robot works  safely in all kind of environments. Next to that, the Intelli-Trak telemetry system also ensures that all your data get safely stored in both machine and servers.

Intelligent total solution

  • All Intelligent solutions from TASKI are integrated in this new robotic scrubber dryer. You will find back IntelliDose, IntelliFlow, IntelliTrail and Aquastop, working with brush or Intellipads. Everything has been designed to reach the highest level of improvement in total cost of ownership.

Technical Data

  1. Theoretical Performance           

  2. Practical performance              

  3. Working width.                             

  4. Squeegee width                          

  5. Tank size (nominal)                 

  6. Sound level                                   

  7. Battery capacity                            

  8. Battery run time                              

  9. Machine weight net                        

  10. Machine weight ready 

  11. Dimensions (L x W x H)

  12. Turning cycle

  13. Brush system

  14. Brush pressure

  15. Working speed

  16. Brush drive motors

  17. Electrical protection class

  18. Approvals

  1. 1260 m²/h (13560 sq ft/h)

  2. low congestion1050 m²/h (11300 sqft/h)

  3. 28 inch (70 cm)

  4. 35 inch (90 cm)

  5. 23 gallon (90 l)

  6. 70dB

  7. (max)180Ah

  8. Up to 4 hours

  9. 252 Kg (555 lbs)

  10. 1.038 lbs (471kg)

  11. 53 x 35 x 50 inches (135 x 90 x 128.5 cm)

  12. 1.4 m(4.6 f)

  13. 2 units x 14 inches (2 x 35 cm)

  14. 42.5 kg (93.69 lbs)

  15. 0.62 m/h (1.8 km/h)

  16. Two 24 V VDC; 0,65 HP;150RPM; Direct Drive

  17. III

  18. CE, CB 

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ABC News, Report about swingbot2000

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